The University Record, May 8, 1995

Say thanks: Nominate someone for Silver Arrow Award

By Rebecca A. Doyle

Is there someone you know who gives just a little more than necessary to make your work easier, your life happier or your commute more pleasant?

"I couldn't find my car," wrote Mrs. R. Riffle to Jim Chevalier, an employee in University Parking Services. "Ready to panic. I'm loaded with heavy luggage, it's late, I've got a three-hour drive home and a very sick husband to worry about.

"You put me in your truck and drove until we found the car. Not only was this nice in itself, but your calm and reassuring manner was exactly what I needed.

"Thanks again for your help."

A new program throughout Plant Operations, patterned on a pilot program in Building Services last year, gives U-M faculty, staff and students a way to say thanks to those employed in any of the divisions of Plant Operations.

The Silver Arrow Award, designed by Tom Sullivan and John Gleason in response to a request from Plant Operations Director James E. Christenson, features posters with pre-addressed, tear-off sheets planted strategically in buildings across campus. All you have to do to nominate someone for outstanding customer service is tear one off, fill it out and drop it in campus mail.

Sullivan, a supervisor in Building Services, says Plant Operations has plans to recognize all those nominated in either semiannual or annual get-togethers. All employees who are nominated receive a certificate and the Silver Arrow Award pin. Employees can be nominated any number of times, Sullivan says, but will receive only one pin each year. The unit plans to change the color of the pin, though, and employees can collect a new one each year.

To date, Sullivan says more than 40 nominations have been received, including one that cited Phil Smiley, maintenance mechanic, for "maintaining our laboratory on a functional level through multiple crises including plumbing, electrical and heating and cooling," signed by 11 members of the cytogenetics laboratory staff.

If there is someone you would like to recognize who delivers superior service to you or your unit and you cannot find the posted forms, call Plant Operations at 764-0521.