The University Record, October 3, 1994

FACULTY AWARDS Richard Crawford, Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award

Widely acknowledged as the most eminent Americanist in the field of musicology, Richard Crawford has helped to shape the scholarly directions in American musicology for over 30 years. From his invaluable studies on sacred music of the 18th and 19th century to his more recent focus on 20th-century jazz and popular music, he leads the way by providing a model of scholarly excellence for all to emulate.

Richard Crawford almost single-handedly has put the study of American music on the map, and has made the University of Michigan its geographical and intellectual capital. The steady ascendance of his reputation and contributions honor the University, which he has long called his home base. Professor Crawford became a faculty member here after receiving three degrees at Michigan, and his career of meticulous, inspiring teaching produced a strong cadre of scholars who are now making significant contributions across the nation.

Richard Crawford was the first Americanist to serve as president of the American Musicological Society, where he left an indelible mark and initiated an important publications series, “Music in the United States of America.” The series is now based at Michigan. He also sponsored innovations in the School of Music’s core curriculum, which have become a model for many other schools across the country. Due to his organizational efforts, the first-year music history course now focuses on the world at large and on American music in particular.

Richard Crawford values the craft of writing, and his exquisitely constructed books reflect his distinction as a scholar. In addition to award-winning earlier works, his most recent publication The American Musical Landscape is a sweeping tour de force addressing three centuries of music in its historical, cultural, and economic contexts. Currently, he is at work on a history of music in the United States, which is destined to become the definitive scholarly treatment of the subject.

By setting an example of what a scholar in American music might achieve, he earns the respect and attention of scholars throughout the humanities. A central figure in the developing interdisciplinary discourse of humanities scholars, he is one of the few musicologists on the national scene whose work is read by specialists in such other disciplines as literature, history, and American studies.

The University of Michigan is proud to bestow upon Richard Crawford, an invaluable asset to the University of Michigan as well as to the field of musicology, the Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award.