The University Record, October 3, 1994

FACULTY AWARDS Lawrence Radine, Amoco Foundation Faculty Teaching Award

An outstanding educator and role model, Lawrence Radine possesses a passion for teaching and a rare depth of commitment in his classroom. Students discover that Professor Radine’s sociology classes are forums characterized by creativity and open discussion, where no single idea is sacrosanct, but where no student is safe without contributing ideas of his or her own.

Professor Radine’s commitment to undergraduate education and its continuous improvement is reflected in his continual willingness to teach or initiate new courses, including 17 new courses over the past 20 years, each crafted with high intellectual standards and a sense of humor. Working with students of various ages and from a broad array of educational backgrounds, Professor Radine designs individual programs of study that reflect students’ interests and future professional goals. He created a course for students who are employees at the Ford Motor Company’s Rawsonville plant, realizing instinctively how to present the course so that it would result in constructive and frank discussions on sensitive topics such as racial prejudice, gender equity, and class conflict.

Professor Radine also works extensively with students outside the classroom, even serving as an adviser to students long after they have graduated. He makes an investment in them, encouraging an exchange of ideas and opinions, often devoting his free time to academic and career counseling. He is a teacher who makes a difference, one whom students remember as sincere and compassionate in his concern for them.

From the care that he puts into every aspect of teaching, to the high standards he sets for both himself and his students, Professor Radine offers his students an education that is one of the most worthwhile experiences of their lives. We are pleased to honor Lawrence Radine with the Amoco Foundation Faculty Teaching Award.