The University Record, October 3, 1994

FACULTY AWARDS Herbert G. Winful, Amoco Foundation Faculty Teaching Award

Outstanding lecturer and research scientist, mentor and friend to his students and to his faculty colleagues alike, Herbert Winful exemplifies the truly effective educator. A specialist in non-linear optics and quantum electronics, he understands that in teaching one must not only be fluent in the complexity of the subject matter but must also be intimate with its simplicity.

Professor Winful approaches his work with great enthusiasm. He is an impressive communicator who makes it a point to share the excitement of science and engineering with his students through open discussions in the classroom and with experiments that involve connection to our everyday lives.

Professor Winful shows the same attention to his students’ concerns outside of the classroom. He is devoted without reservation to giving counsel to students on decisions involving course selection, research, career options, and the societal responsibilities of scientists, and he continuously seeks out research opportunities for undergraduates. His sense of responsibility is not confined to his current students: he also reaches out to the scientists and engineers of tomorrow through his participation in the Women in Science program and Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program. Professor Winful also serves as faculty adviser to the University of Michigan’s chapter of the electrical and computer engineering honor society, and he helps to facilitate the society’s outreach activities with grade school students.

Herbert Winful has been previously recognized for his excellence in teaching with the University’s Arthur Thurnau Professorship, the State of Michigan’s Teaching Excellence Award, and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science’s Professor of the Year Award. We are pleased to add to Herbert Winful’s growing list of accolades by honoring him with the Amoco Foundation Faculty Teaching Award.