The University Record, October 3, 1994

New benefits program features short-term disability plan

A new short-term disability plan is being added to the University’s benefit program for non-bargained-for, active staff members with less than two years of service. The plan is designed to work with sick pay and long-term disability benefits.

Eligible staff members will receive information on the short-term disability plan in the open enrollment packet. The packet contains the benefits and rates.

Not all non-bargained-for staff members are eligible for the new plan. The plan requires staff members to have less than two calendar years of service as of Jan. 1, 1995, and to be currently participating in the expanded long-term disability plan.

The plan is designed to provide partial replacement of salary during the six-month waiting period for those staff members who qualify for long-term disability benefits. The benefit is equal to 50 percent of base salary, within certain limits. The short-term disability benefit is paid for up to 26 weeks, but staff members should note that the plan does not pay the cost of any other University benefits.

Staff members will pay the full cost of their short-term disability coverage through after-tax payroll deductions.