The University Record, October 10, 1994

Flint’s M-Link receives $54,000 renewal grant

M-Link, the collaborative program between U-M-Flint and Mott Community College (MCC), has received $54,000 in renewal funding from the Office of Minority Equity of the Michigan Department of Education through its College/University Partnership Program.

M-Link, managed by Flint Admissions Director David James and Coordinator Kendall West, actively recruits qualified underrepresented minority students at MCC, who receive counseling and a variety of services designed to “assure a smooth, successful transition to the University,” James says.

West, a Mott and Flint graduate, divides her work time equally between the two campuses to ensure students’ successful progress through each system.

The goal of the program this year is to “recruit a transfer class from MCC that consists of at least 22 percent minority student transfers.”

James and West credit M-Link’s outreach efforts for a 90 percent increase in the number of underrepresented minority students transferring from Mott since 1989.

James says that in 1993, more than 50 percent of the total number of minority transfer students came from Mott.