The University Record, October 17, 1994

Energy savings plan returns $227,487 to units

The University’s 20 percent plan—in which 20 percent of energy savings for the year are returned to the schools and colleges who cut their energy costs—resulted in total savings of $1,387,435 in fiscal year 1994.

“Congratulations are in order,” says David W. Anderson, coordinator of energy management.

Of the total saved, $277,487 will be distributed to 24 General Fund units.

The Medical School received the most, $102,239, followed by LS&A, which received $45,618.

“Everyone involved in the creation of the 20 percent plan would like to extend thanks to the many people who helped save energy and made this first year a success,” says Anderson, who anticipates an increase in energy savings efforts this year, along with larger rebates at the end of fiscal year 1995.

Faculty, staff and students who have ideas for saving energy are asked to contact the Utilities Department, 764-2492.

Anderson says funds are still available for projects that show a reasonable payback period due to energy savings.