The University Record, October 24, 1994

Conference will highlight roles of religion, spirituality and ethics

By Bernie DeGroat
News and Information Services

The role of religion, spirituality and ethics in the life and mission of the University will be addressed in a “Day of Dialogue” at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday (Oct. 26) at the Michigan League’s Hussey Room.

The free, public conference will feature presentations by President James J. Duderstadt; Regent Laurence B. Deitch; Maureen A. Hartford, vice president for student affairs; and Ralph G. Williams, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and professor of English.

“We want to stimulate discussion about how administrators, faculty and students might want to think about the role of ethics and religion as the University goes forward,” says Len Scott, student affairs liaison for ethics and religion. “It’s really a question-raising attempt to get them to start thinking about this in a more public way, to see whether there are some good ideas here.”

In addition to the individual presentations, Deitch, Hartford and Williams will be part of a panel discussion, which includes Donald H. Postema, vice president of the U-M Association of Religious Counselors (ARC); Jodi Bushdiecker Atwood, ARC president; Michael Brooks, executive director of the Hillel Foundation; and students Maria Bergstrom and Bill Plevan.

The conference is sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs’ Liaison for Ethics and Religion and its Office of the Dean of Students, and by the ARC.

For more information, call Scott, 764-7442.