The University Record, October 24, 1994

Employee suggestions yield big savings

By Bruce Weintraub
Medical Center Public Relations

The Medical Center saved more than $450,000 during fiscal year 1993–94 as a result of changes implemented through employee suggestions.

Rick Finger, manager of the Medical Center’s employee suggestion program, said that 36 cost-saving suggestions—from a record number of 500 submissions—were implemented during the past fiscal year, dealing with ways of improving cost containment, revenue enhancement or quality improvement.

“The success of this program demonstrates the commitment of our staff to improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of the Medical Center’s operations,” Finger said. The employee suggestion program, which is in its 11th year, awarded more than $33,000 for 65 approved suggestions this year.

The Suggester of the Year in Quality Improvement was Elizabeth Nolan, clinical nurse specialist, who suggested standardizing the response to physicians’ “keep vein open” orders.

The Suggester of the Year in Cost Containment went to Thomas Buck, mechanic in Facilities Services, who suggested a way to reduce the energy consumption of the chilled water/condenser loops. The idea saved more than $58,000.