The University Record, October 31, 1994


Basu wins National and Peace Fellowship

Susanto Basu, assistant professor of economics, has received a post-doctoral National and Peace Fellowship from the Hoover Institution for 1994–95.

The fellowships provide scholars an opportunity to spend one year at the Hoover Institution to conduct independent research on historical and public policy issues of the 20th century.

Thiele receives scholar award

Dennis J. Thiele, associate professor of biological chemistry, has received the 1994 Toxicology Scholar Award from the Burroughs Wellcome Fund. The award provides $390,000 in flexible research funds to allow Thiele and colleagues to expand current work and pursue new studies on the molecular mechanisms of cellular responses to toxic metal ions and other stressors.

Special sessions for Akcasu

Ziyaeddin Akcasu, professor of nuclear engineering and of macromolecular science and engineering, was honored during the American Chemical Society’s symposium on “Scattering from Polymers.” Six sessions were designated “Ziya Akcasu Special Sessions,” marking Akcasu’s 70th birthday and his contributions to theoretical polymer physics. Leading polymer scientists from around the world discussed a range of theories and experimental analyses in which Akcasu has played a major role over the last 25 years.