The University Record, September 6, 1994

LS&A honors 63 for Excellence in Education

Sixty-three LS&A faculty members have received Excellence in Education Awards from Dean Edie N. Goldenberg.

The annual awards, first instituted in 1991, recognize faculty members for special contributions to the College’s educational mission. Support for the Excellence in Education Awards comes from the College’s gift funds.

Award winners by department are:

American Culture/Romance Languages and Literatures, Frances Aparicio;

Anthropology, Roberto Frisancho, Lawrence Hirschfeld, Roy Rappaport and John Speth;

Biology, Santha Jeyabalan, Peter Kaufman and Eric Mann;

Chemistry, Brian Coppola, Seyhan Ege, Nancy Kerner, Stephen Lee, James Penner-Hahn and Paul Rasmussen;

Classical Studies, Greg Dobrov, Glenn Knudsvig and Sara Myers;

Communication, Vincent Price;

Economics, Susanto Basu, Charles Brown, Paul Courant, George Johnson and Greg Shaffer;

English, Enoch Brater, Daniel Fader, Lincoln Faller, Russell Fraser, Kerry Larson and Teresa Tinkle;

English Composition Board, William Condon Jr. and Emily Decker;

Geology, Stephen Kesler, Kyger Lohmann and Robert Owen;

German, Rosina Lippi-Green;

History, Gerald Linderman and Martin Pernick;

Mathematics, Peter Hinman, Beverly Black, Estella Gavosto, Robert Megginson, Patricia Shure and Alejandro Uribe;

Philosophy, Sally Haslanger, Jack Meiland and David Velleman;

Physics, Fred Becchetti and Walter Gray;

Political Science, John Kingdon;

Psychology, Irene Fast, Sherry Hatcher, James Hilton and Lois Hoffman;

Residential College, Hubert Cohen, Joel Cressman and Martin Walsh;

Romance Languages, Ross Chambers, Santiago Colas and Guy Mermier;

Sociology, Silvia Pedraza;

Statistics, Brenda Gunderson and Ed Rothman;

Women’s Studies, Carol Boyd.