The University Record, September 6, 1994


Richard Snyder honored by Aerospace Medical Association

Richard G. Snyder, professor emeritus of anthropology and research scientist emeritus, recently received the Aerospace Medical Association’s John Paul Stapp Award. The award is given annually to recognize outstanding contributions in the field of aerospace biomechanics and to promote progress in protection from injury resulting from ejection, vibration or impact.

Watkins’ new book examines music and culture

Harvard University Press has published Pyramids at the Louvre: Music, Culture, and Collage from Stravinsky to the Postmodernists by Glenn E. Watkins, the Earl V. Moore Distinguished Professor of Music. “A rich and revealing picture of 20th-century music and the arts, Watkins’ work shows us what our present Postmodern aesthetic owes to our Modernist past,” according to the Harvard University Press spring 1994 catalog.

Walter Loesche’s contributions recognized

Walter J. Loesche, professor of dentistry and of microbiology, received the 1994 Award for Research in Dental Caries from the International Association for Dental Research.

The award recognizes Loesche’s “pioneering contribution to the demonstration that most forms of dental decay represent a specific infection caused by Streptococcus mutans.” The award also recognizes Loesche’s involvement in clinical studies that showed that this infection could be treated with applications of antimicrobial agents.

Pasarow Foundation honors Akil and Watson

Huda Akil and Stanley J. Watson Jr., research scientists at the Mental Health Research Institute and professors of psychiatry, have been named recipients of the Robert J. and Claire Pasarow Foundation Award in neuropsychiatric research.

Crump recognized for translation work

James I. Crump, professor emeritus of Chinese in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, recently received the Translation Achievement Prize from the National Fund for Literature and the Arts in Taiwan, which recognizes outstanding contributions in the art of translation.

He is known internationally for a variety of translations and studies, including the translation of the Chan-kuo Ts’e, China’s largest collection of pre-Han historical anecdotes, fables and tales of great men, Songs from Xanadu: Studies in Yuan Dynasty Song-Poetry, and Chinese Theater in the Days of Kublai Khan.

Mellow named psychiatry head at the VA Medical Center

Alan M. Mellow, assistant professor of psychiatry, has been named chief, Psychiatry Service, at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center, where he oversees clinical, educational and research activities in psychiatry. The Psychiatry Service is part of the

U-M Medical Center’s Department of Psychiatry.

Lisa Tedesco will head dental schools’ association

Lisa A. Tedesco, associate dean for academic affairs and professor of dentistry, is president-elect of the American Association of Dental Schools. Her term as president begins in March. Tedesco is the fourth woman to be elected president of the association in its 71-year history.

Bornstein publishes new book on Yeats’ early poetry

George Bornstein, professor of English, has published W.B. Yeats: The Early Poetry in the Cornell Yeats Series of Cornell University Press. The volume presents previously unpublished Yeats manuscripts, including both working drafts of eventually published poems and drafts of 38 previously unpublished poems that Bornstein discovered in the course of his work.

Bornstein recently was elected to the executive committee of the Division on Bibliography and Textual Scholarship of the Modern Language Association.

Indiana University honors Neal

Homer A. Neal, vice president for research and professor of physics, has received Indiana University’s Distinguished Alumni Service Award. The award, first presented in 1953, recognizes outstanding achievements by Indiana University men and women in their chosen field of endeavor and their service to their community, state and/or nation.

AACC honors Alfred

Richard L. Alfred, associate professor of education, has received the Leadership Award, the Senior Scholar Award and the Distinguished Service Award from the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC). The Leadership Award recognizes outstanding accomplishments and continuing contributions to the community college field. The Senior Scholar Award recognizes publications and scholarship in the past year that have made an outstanding contribution to the profession. The Distinguished Service Award recognizes leadership and service to the nation’s community colleges.

Muirhead named American Statistical Association Fellow

Robb J. Muirhead, professor and chair of the Department of Statistics, has been named a Fellow of the American Statistical Association (ASA) in recognition of his outstanding professional contribution and leadership in the field of statistical science. ASA, which was founded in Boston in 1839, is one of the country’s oldest professional associations.

Ponting Foundation awards $20,000 to Morris, Cooper

The Herbert and Elsa Ponting Foundation has awarded a $20,000 grant to Barbra S. Morris and George Cooper of the English Composition Board to establish on-site secondary “schoolwide writing projects across various disciplines and to promote computer literacy” in Detroit’s Mackenzie High School.

The collaborative academic partnership between Mackenzie and the U-M is in its second decade.