The University Record, September 6, 1994

Flint offers productivity courses

By Donna Ullrich-Eaton

U-M-Flint has launched a 27-credit certificate program in Personal and Corporate Productivity for adult students who wish to enhance their productivity by integrating current technologies and knowledge from three fields of study: computer science, English and communications.

Sponsored by Flint’s Extension and Continuing Education Program, the program is designed to benefit the individual and offer distinct productivity advantages to employers of those who complete the program.

Offered at off-campus locations between work shifts and on Saturdays, the program includes the latest Windows computer applications and communication classes for employees at the AC Delco Flint-West and Inland Fisher Guide Coldwater Skill Centers. It is offered on Thursdays at Lapeer East High School for Lapeer-area residents.

For information, contact the Office of Extension and Continuing Education, (810) 762-3200.