The University Record, September 12, 1994

Ellsworth to be assistant to LS&A dean

Phoebe C. Ellsworth, the Kirkland and Ellis Professor of Law and professor of psychology, has been appointed

assistant to the LS&A dean for faculty appointments.

Dean Edie N. Goldenberg said Ellsworth will work closely with her and associate dean John R. Chamberlin on such issues as coordinating the College’s efforts to implement the Women’s Agenda.

Ellsworth will play a key role in addressing problems of sexual harassment, receiving and investigating complaints and working with units to improve the climate for women in the College. She also will consider improvements in promotion procedures and opportunities for faculty development.

Goldenberg also announced that Andrew Goodrich will become LS&A’s director of information technology as of Oct. 1. Goodrich has 20 years of experience in computing management and technical positions in industrial and academic settings, including serving as director of software for Parallax Graphics, director of Workstation Products for RasterOps, director of research for Ramtek and a technical staff member at Hewlett-Packard. He also held joint positions at the U-M as associate director of the Computing Center and of the Center for Information Technology Integration.

In a letter to LS&A faculty, Goldenberg said neither position represents administrative growth.

Ellsworth is assuming some of the responsibilities that would otherwise fall to Chamberlin, who is interim chair of the Department of Communication.

Goodrich is filling a position created by a transfer to LS&A from the Information Technology Division.

“As we move to a distributed computing environment, we should expect additional transfers of people and dollars from central administration to academic units,” Goldenberg wrote to the faculty.