The University Record, September 12, 1994

24-hour turnaround is goal for campus mail

By Jane R. Elgass

Random surveys of staff with respect to campus mail deliveries are paying off in speedier delivery of the mail.

“Our goal is delivery in 24 hours,” says Sue A. Howison, manager of Mail Service.

The tests, conducted every two months, are sent to 25 individuals who are “selected at random or based on complaints we’ve had,” Howison explains. “Figures for a June mailing show that 84 percent of the mailing met our goal,” Howison explains.

Recipients are asked to complete information about the date and time they receive the test mailing. Mail Service staff are not aware that the test is being conducted.

Of 25 tests mailed June 30, 23 were returned. Ten of the individuals had received the mailing the same day, 11 the next day, one was not sure, and one the second day. “Based on the 25 mailed, 84 percent of the tests met our goal,” Harrison says.

“Not all buildings have staffed mailrooms. This has a way of creating a delay in getting the mail delivered in those facilities.”

Howison says the biggest roadblock to 24-hour delivery is lack of a complete address. The address should include the recipient’s name and unit affiliation as well as a building address and the campus zip code.

The campus zip is playing an increasing role in campus mail delivery. “If you don’t put anything else down, at least use the campus zip.” She adds that the number of people including the campus zip is increasing, and encourages everyone to use it.

Campus zips are listed in the Faculty and Staff Directory and also are available on GopherBLUE.

Individuals who have encountered delayed delivery, as well as those who have other concerns about the quality of Mail Service’s service, should contact Howison at 764-9227. She also can be reached on Banyan VINES at Sue A. Howison@MailService@MailService.