The University Record, September 19, 1994

Eligible staff can choose new vision plan

A vision plan is one of the new benefits being offered to non-bargained-for, regular, active staff members during open enrollment this year.

Staff members who are eligible for the vision plan will receive information and a rate chart in their open enrollment materials. This will help them in their selection. The cost of the vision plan is paid entirely by the staff member and is deducted from his/her paycheck on a pre-tax basis only.

The new vision plan is a preferred provider organization (PPO). This means the plan provides a network of preferred providers who will offer special fee arrangements for University staff. Members of the plan can either use the network or go out of the network for service.

Participants receive higher benefits from plan membership if they choose in-network providers. Out-of-network providers still provide service, but with potential deductibles and co-payments for all services. The plan is administered by Davis Vision. A provider directory will be enclosed in the enrollment packet.

Some of the benefits of the plan include a refractive eye exam, single-vision lenses, bifocal and trifocal lenses, oversize lenses, certain fashion and sun tinting of plastic lenses, gradient tints, glass gray #3 prescription sunglasses, and the initial lenses for members who have had cataract surgery. If the member chooses plan materials, these services are covered in full every 24 months. Contact lenses require a $25 co-payment.

Staff members who enroll in the vision plan are committed to participating for a minimum of two years. Members can add new dependents within 30 days after they become eligible, but dependents can be dropped only if they become ineligible for coverage.

Retirees and bargained-for staff are not eligible for the vision plan.

The example at right shows the advantages of the new Vision Plan.