The University Record, September 26, 1994

Kopelman named Kasimir Fajans Professor

Raoul Kopelman, professor of chemistry, will also hold the Kasimir Fajans Professorship of Chemistry, Physics and Applied Physics.

His appointment, effective Sept. 1, was approved by the Regents at their September meeting.

In recommending the appointment, LS&A Dean Edie N. Goldenberg said, “Prof. Kopelman’s first studies established experimental methods for obtaining exciton parameters in molecular crystals. He also refined group-theoretic concepts (interchange symmetry) that became the basis for much of the present research on exciton dynamics.

“His recent research achievements include production of the smallest ever light source and its use in near-field exciton and optical microscopy and nanospectroscopy, with application to DNA mapping and nano-materials; development of the world’s smallest optochemical sensor with application to intracellular bio-measurements; and preparation of the smallest molecular wire for electronic energy signal transduction.”

Kopelman joined U-M’s faculty in 1966.