The University Record, September 26, 1994


Kudos for M-Quality

This is a letter of commendation and appreciation for the work of the University’s M-Quality Office.

This summer I took part in a week of intensive training for Total Quality Management Team Leaders—one of

the training modules offered by the M-Quality Training Team. It was a wonderful growth experience, stimulating and enjoyable, and I thought it was itself an exemplar of quality: substantive content delivered in a very professional manner.

As a veteran academic administrator, I am greatly impressed that Michigan is doing what most other universities are merely talking about by actually training managers and other administrative staff in the disciplines of TQM. As an organization development consultant, I am impressed with M-Quality’s balance between immersion in TQM tools and techniques and exposure to the broader concepts of group dynamics and organizational change. As an alumnus of the University [Ph.D., 1978], I am proud that my alma mater, like the leading organizations in business, government and health, is responding creatively to the challenges of change facing all contemporary institutions.

Congratulations to the M-Quality

Office. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in their marvelous training program and would highly recommend the program to anyone wishing to increase their knowledge of quality improvement and enhance their skills in team leadership.

Lynn Gunnar Johnson, visiting scholar, Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education