The University Record, April 2, 1996

Professional development grants will assist lecturers 

To acknowledge the instructional and scholarly contributions of lecturers and to provide them with access to funds beyond those ordinarily available, the University has created Lecturers' Professional Development Grants as a component of the Michigan Agenda for Women. Ten grants of up to $2,000 each will be awarded annually.

All lecturers with continuing appointments at the University are eligible to apply. Lecturers are invited to submit a curriculum vitae and a one-page proposal describing their planned professional development and the ways in which it would be furthered by receipt of a Lecturers' Professional Development Grant.

Examples of appropriate expenditures include participation at national or international professional meetings, pedagogical programs, graduate student or work study assistance, computer hardware or software, travel required to access resources of other institutions, subscriptions to professional journals and editorial assistance.

Recipients will be selected on the basis of their potential contributions to the University's missions of teaching and scholarship. For information, contact the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, 764-0505 or