The University Record, April 2, 1996

U-M, Carnegie Mellon will evaluate Campus Z-Station 

From the Information Technology Division

The Campus Z-Station is one of several computer product lines currently being considered as an addition to the U-M Computer Sales Program. The Campus Z-Station is a new program offered by Microsoft Corp. and Zenith Data Systems designed to increase student ownership of high-quality Windows computers and optimize connectivity to campus networks and the Internet. It will be evaluated by the U-M and Carnegie Mellon University.

The two universities expect products like this to provide a key element in developing truly connected learning communities with high-quality, affordable computers that increase overall access to technology on campus. This effort should broaden the range of alternatives available to the University community. The Information Technology Division (ITD) will continue to support a wide variety of computer hardware and software products for faculty, staff and students on campus.

"The Campus Z-Station is a package we are evaluating as we attempt to provide comprehensive solutions for our customers. We are working with Microsoft and Zenith to develop a better method of getting our network connectivity soft ware onto computers purchased by individuals," says Ruth Addis, ITD Product Area Manager. "We are looking at additional avenues for providing computing assistance to our customers through this program." Her team also is investigating complete package options with Apple, Claris, IBM and other vendors.

"It is important that everyone in the University community be able to share information and work together," says Douglas E. Van Houweling, vice provost for academic outreach and information technology. "Our students and information technology support staff will be very interested in considering the standardized, plug-and-play capability this program provides," he adds.

The U-M and Carnegie Mellon are the first universities to evaluate the program. More information will be available later this spring on the ITD home page at this URL: http:/