The University Record, April 9, 1996

Mott Community College, U-M-Flint
sign credit transfer agreements

From the U-M-Flint

The U-M-Flint and Mott Community College (MCC) have signed four articulation agreements that guarantee transfer of MCC course credits to U-M-Flint.

The articulation agreements guarantee transfer of credit for students pursuing degrees in health care and health care administration, engineering science, business administration, and social work. Participating students must maintain a grade of C or better, and take prescribed courses in the curriculum.

"This is not a new concept," said David James, director of admissions at U-M-Flint. "We've signed new agreements while enhancing the existing ones. Mott is our primary source for transfer students; we want to make transfer as easy as possible for them."

Additionally, U-M-Flint and MCC have ongoing articulation agreements in art, nursing, public administration and foreign languages, as well as the M-Link program for underrepresented student minorities on the Flint campuses, and the 2+2 program in applied science.

U-M-Flint's applied science 2+2 program acknowledges an MCC technical two-year program and treats those credits as the student's major. Transfer students must complete a U-M-Flint minor, general education requirements, and a minimum of 62 additional credit hours to obtain a bachelor's degree in applied science.

For more information about new or ongoing articulation agreements, contact U-M-Flint's Admissions Office at (810) 762-3300.