The University Record, April 9, 1996

Waldrop offers tips on science writing

Author and science reporter M. Mitchell Waldrop will speak at the School of Information, sharing his views of what it's like to research and write a science news story.

The public presentation, "The Web of Knowledge," will be from noon­1 p.m. Mon. (April 15) in Room 409, West Hall.

Waldrop will talk about the nature of knowledge creation, and the implications it might have for the organization of and the services provided by digital libraries.

Waldrop earned a Ph.D. in elementary particle physics at the University of Wisconsin in 1975, and a master's in journalism at Wisconsin in 1977. From 1977­80 he was a writer and West Coast bureau chief for Chemical and Engineering News. From 1980­91 he served as a senior writer at Science magazine, where he covered physics, space, astronomy, computer science, artificial intelligence, molecular biology, psychology and neuroscience. He is the author of Man-Made Minds (1987), a book about artificial intelligence; and Complexity (1992), a book about the Santa Fe Institute and the new sciences of complexity. He is currently at work on a new book about computers.