The University Record, April 23, 1996

Michigan Society of Fellows names inductees

The Michigan Society of Fellows has selected four new Fellows to serve three-year appointments as postdoctoral scholars and assistant professors. Fellows are chosen for their independent scholarship and interdisciplinary intellectual interest s. During their tenure at the U-M, they will teach selected courses in their affiliated departments and continue their scholarly research.

The new fellows, their affiliated departments and research interest are:

James Aikman, Department of Composition, School of Music. He will continue working on compositions that incorporate aspects of recent technological progress in electronic and computer music. Aikman also will compose a concerto for the solo fluti st of the Philadelphia Orchestra, utilizing a multidimensional approach to the music, for Native American flute.

Alaina Lemon, Department of Anthropology. Her research areas are Russian and Romani (Gypsy) Diasporas, post-Socialist and post-Soviet States. Her theoretical interests are racial, ethnic and national ideologies; performance; language; and sociol inguistics. Lemon's research project while affiliated with the Society of Fellows will be "The Currency of Race in Russia."

Mark Siddal, Department of Biology and the Museum of Zoology. He is currently an adjunct faculty member of the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences at the College of William and Mary. His research will be on macroevolutionary and cell-biology studies of myxozoans in light of cnidarian origins.

Michael Szalay, English language and literature, expects his Ph.D. in English and American literature from Johns Hopkins University. His dissertation examines art and the welfare state in the 1930s and 1940s in the context of economic and cultural efforts to provide "social security." He will examine modernism and the welfare state of the Great Society and after.

Fellows appointed in previous years who will continue their affiliation with the Society of Fellows in 1996­97 are: P. David Polly, Department of Geological Sciences and the Museum of Paleontology; Ian Burney, Department of History; Gideon Bohak, Department of Classical Studies; Barbara Ryan, Program in American Culture; Sarah Caldwell, Department of Anthropology; Michael Gorman, Department of Psychology; and Kathleen O'Connor, Department of Near Eastern Studies.