The University Record, April 23, 1996

Wolverine Access on the Web lets students see grades immediately

By Wanda Monroe
Information Technology Division

Students with Web access will no longer have to wait for a paper report card to know their grades for the semester.

Students with access to the World-Wide Web can now check their grades, class schedules and other important student information from any networked computer, regardless of its location or brand name.

Previously, students accessed records more than 500,000 times each semester using Wolverine Access software developed for the Macintosh by the Information Technology Divis ion (ITD). The new Web interface to the same information is expected to increase the number of accesses because of its compatability with both Macintosh and Windows.

Before the Web version of Wolverine Access, students had to borrow a Macintosh or go to a Campus Computing Site. "The Web version of Wolverine Access allows more of our student customers the luxury of accessing their information from their own computer without leaving their dorm rooms or homes," says Cheri Elert, ITD's Wolverine Access project lead er. The Web version of Wolverine Access will allow access to grades as they are posted.

Wolverine Access is a client/server application customized by ITD in conjunction with the Registrar's Office. It allows individuals direct access to their own records, which were previously only accessible to authorized staff members.

Information currently available on the Web version of Wolverine Access is divided into two categories: "Student Business" and "Other Useful Information Resources."

Student Business. The Student Business section provides access to data concerning the student's academic life and requires a password for authentication. Students may access only their own records, which include the following information:

Grades, class schedule, academic report (unofficial transcript), CRISP appointment (the time and date the student may register), CRISP information (the availability of courses), account statement, disbursed aid (the amount of financial aid transferred to the student's account), and addresses.

Other Useful Information Resources. This page contains links to GOpherBLUE and various U-M Web sites.

Wolverine Access is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week; however, selections falling under the "Student Business" menu are limited to the hours of 7 a.m.midnight, MondayFriday, unless otherwise noted. These selections are generally available 24 hours a day on weekends.

To use Wolverine Access via the Web, use the Netscape Navigator browser version 1.12 or later for Macintosh or version 1.22 or later for Windows. If you are using an earlier version, the Wolverine Access Web site gives you the option to download the appropriate version. Open the URL:

For more information about Wolverine Access, contact Elert at 747- 1243.