The University Record, April 23, 1996

U-M-Flint, Dearborn deans will be evaluated over five-year period

Faculty members will soon begin a formal evaluation of the deans of the academic units at the Dearborn and Flint campuses. The Academic Affairs Advisory Committee ( AAAC) of Senate Assembly recently voted to extend to these two campuses an evaluation procedure that has been in effect for the deans on the Ann Arbor campus since 1994.

Under the plan, each faculty member will answer about three dozen standard questions concerning the dean's leadership, faculty and program development, fairness and ethics, communication, and administration. The questions are based on a standard set prepared by AAAC and then modified and supplemented to fit the needs of particular units. The Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) will tabulate the results, which will be kept confidential within each unit. The summary will be sent only to the dean and the members of faculty of that school/college.

In addition to answering the standard questions, faculty members will be able to provide "narrative" responses concerning their units, including a listing of the deans' principal strengths and weaknesses. These comments will be transmit ted, anonymously, directly to the deans. Each dean may also add an introductory statement to the review package.

Each dean will be evaluated twice during a five-year term. Evaluations are expected to start during the fall term and continue on a regular cycle.