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The University Record, April 23, 1996

Brewer passes gavel to Dunn

By Rebecca A. Doyle

George J. Brewer, professor of human genetics and of internal medicine and retiring chair of the Senate Assembly, gave Senate Assembly members his assessment of the state of faculty governance Ap ril 15 as part of his farewell address.

He noted progress in areas of communication, attendance at meetings, interesting debate and respect for faculty views. He said, however, that he has also been disappointed in the failure of the faculty senate to act on such important items as the Re gents' Bylaw 5.09 regarding tenure.

"I'm disappointed that the committee did not finalize the tenure document," Brewer said. He urged the faculty to push forward on issues of tenure and grievance policies, and to continue to encourage de bate on issues of interest to the faculty.

Senate Assembly took straw polls on three issues that had been slated for action---the Academic Freedom Lecture selection committee, a motion to support the Committee on a Multicultural University statemen t on diversity and a motion to support revision of Regents' Bylaw 5.09 on termination of tenure---because the group did not have a quorum present.

Incoming chair Thomas Dunn greeted the faculty representatives and pledged to continue next year the discussions that were begun in 199596 and "use our collective wisdom to reach solutions."