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The University Record, April 23, 1996

Paper prices to increase this summer

Because of changes in the paper industry, M-Stores is projecting another paper shortage beginning in early summer and continuing through the winter. As in the past, M-Stores will fill all paper orders, but a price increase is likely by mid-summer.

"M-Stores passes price increases on to departments only when absolutely necessary," says Deborah Burch, procurement team leader at M-Stores. "Because we purchase in such large volumes, it usually takes a while for the increase to be passed on to our customers. When paper is purchased at lower prices, those are passed on to departments. Only when M-Stores sells out of the lower-priced paper does the price increase."

To help M-Stores anticipate future paper needs, departments may set up standing orders for a regular delivery schedule. Call JoAnn Blackmon, 998-7070, for information.