The University Record, April 30, 1996

Scientists (from Mars) meet
journalists (from Venus) May 2

By Sally Pobojewski
News and Information Services

So you say you spent an hour explaining your research to the New York Times reporter and the story still came out all wrong. And then your department chair brought it up at the faculty meeting and made you feel like a fool. And now the public relations office wants you to do another interview for some radio s tation you've never even heard of. Is that what's bugging you?

Then stop complaining and take action. Make it a point to attend this week's seminar titled "Scientists are from Mars; Journalists are from Venus," from 1­3 p.m. Thursd ay (May 2) in the Pond Room, Michigan Union.

Sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research, this informal seminar will explore the gap between academic and media communications styles.

Michigan Journalism Fellows Elizabeth Kavetas, a producer from "Dateline NBC," and Jack Fischer, writer for the San Jose Mercury News, will talk about their experiences interviewing university researchers about their work. James A. Teeri, professor of biology, and John M. Swales, professor of linguistics, will discuss how the press interprets scientific in formation. A general, audience-wide discussion will follow the panelists' presentations.

All U-M faculty and staff members who work with the news media are encouraged to attend.