The University Record, December 5, 1995

Women of Color in the Academy to meet with administrators

Faculty women of color and other interested individuals are invited to attend "Through My Lens" 2:30-4:30 p.m. Wednesday (Dec. 6) in the Assembly Hall, Rackham Building.

The informational program is part of the Women of Color in the Academy Project, designed to address issues related to women of color at the University.

The meeting will open with an overview of the Project by Satwant Samra, associate professor of anesthesiology, followed with remarks by J. Bernard Machen, provost and executive vice president; Lester P. Monts, vice provost for academic and multicultural affairs; and Homer A. Neal, vice president for research.

Also featured will be:

University administrators panel: Charles Krause, senior associate dean, Medical School; Patricia Gurin, chair, Department of Psychology; and Sherman James, associate dean, School of Public Health.

Women of color faculty panel: Frances Aparicio, associate professor of American culture; Gail Nomura, lecturer in history, Residential College; Linda Chatters, associate professor, School of Public Health; Oveta Fuller, associate professor of microbiology; and Betty Brown Chappell, assistant professor of social work.

The program will close with an open question and answer session, moderated by Samra.

In a memo announcing the program, Machen, Monts, Neal and Samra said: "Given the frustrations inherent in the recruitment and retention process, the program is intended to provide University administrators with some new perspectives. The objectives of the meeting are two-fold:

"To provide information so that University leaders can be more aware of the experiences and challenges of women of color in the academy.

"To provide valuable information about successful strategies for effective recruitment, support, retention and career development of women of color as faculty."

The Women of Color in the Academy Project is funded by the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic and Multicultural Affairs, and the Office of the Vice President for Research, under the aegis of the Center for the Education of Women and the Women's Studies Program.