The University Record, December 12, 1995

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Honorary degree to Shine inappropriate
Poor timing. It is inappropriate for the University to be awarding an honorary degree to Neal Shine while the newspaper he publishes isalong with another engaged in an effort to destroy the union status of its employees.

Whether or not the University intends to endorse his position, awarding the honor at this time will appear to do that. The ceremony should be delayed until after the labor dispute is settled.


Howard Young, adjunct professor of mathematics


SAPAC apologizes
I apologize that some of you have in error been receiving a flurry of e-mail as the result of a message that was intended for SAPAC (Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center). A student who wished to send a notice to SAPAC inadvertently sent it to a message group that SAPAC had established to use twice a year to mail information on Sexual Assault Awareness Week and Rape Prevention Month. That message group has now been deleted to avoid further confusion.

I appreciate your patience with this error.

Debi Cain, director, SAPAC