The University Record, December 19, 1995

Third round of Career Development awards funds 40

Forty women faculty members have received Career Development Fund awards in the third round of competition held earlier this fall.

Part of the Michigan Agenda for Women, the fund is supported by the Presidential Initiatives Fund and provides discretionary accounts of $5,000.

The program is designed to recognize and address the disproportionate share of service commitments carried by women faculty.

The funds may be used to support graduate students, travel, books, computers or other discretionary purchases relating to scholarship, research or creative activity.

Up to 40 recipients are selected annually, based on both service and scholarly records. "Service" is defined broadly as "any professionally related activities, including especially demanding teaching assignments, that draw the applicant away from her scholarly or creative agenda."

Those who have received awards are:

Shannon Anderson, assistant professor of accounting; Ellen M. Arruda, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and applied mechanics; Rosamund Bartlett, assistant professor of Slavic languages and literatures; Carol J. Boyd, associate professor of nursing;

Carol R. Bradford, assistant professor of otorhinolaryngology; Josephine P. Briggs, professor of internal medicine and of physiology; Robyn J. Burnham, assistant professor of biology and of geological sciences; Sally A. Camper, associate professor of human genetics;

Mary Anne Carroll, associate professor of atmospheric, oceanic and space sciences and of chemistry; Alina M. Clej, associate professor of French and of comparative literature; Heidi C. Crow, assistant professor of dentistry; Margaret E. Dewar, associate professor of urban planning;

Karen M. Drabenstott, associate professor of information and library studies; Martha S. Feldman, associate professor of political science and of public policy; Elaine K. Gazda, professor of classical art and archaeology and of archaeology; Deborah E. Goldberg, associate professor of biology;

M. Melissa Gross, assistant professor of kinesiology; Janet C. Hart, associate professor of anthropology and of women's studies; Ella A. Kazerooni, assistant professor of radiology; Theresa M. Lee, associate professor of psychology;

Joanne Leonard, professor of art; Xihong Lin, assistant professor of biostatistics; Rita Loch Caruso, associate professor of toxicology; Catherine G. McLaughlin, associate professor of health management and policy;

Sofia D. Merajver, assistant professor of internal medicine; Anita Norich, associate professor of English language and literature and of Judaic studies; Stella W. Pang, associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science; Silvia Pedraza, associate professor of sociology;

Joanne M. Pohl, assistant professor of nursing; Beverly J. Rathcke, associate professor of biology; Nair Rodriguez-Hornedo, associate professor of pharmaceutics; Margaret C. Root; professor and chair, Department of History of Art;

Elke A. Rundensteiner, assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science; Ruth S. Scodel, professor of classical studies; Colleen M. Seifert, associate professor of psychology; Margaret R. Somers, associate professor of sociology;

Louise K. Stein, associate professor of music; Ann L. Stoler, professor of anthropology and of history; Debra A. Thompson, assistant professor of ophthalmology and of biological chemistry; and Seonae Yeo, assistant professor of nursing.