The University Record, December 19, 1995

CJS publishes three books

The Center for Japanese Studies recently has published the following books:

 The Wild Goose, by Mori Ogai, translated with an introduction by Burton Watson. A middle-aged man reminisces about an unconsummated affair, dating to his student days in the early 1880s, between a classmate and a young woman kept by a moneylender. $28.95 cloth, $14.95 paper. 166 pages.

Avatars of Vengeance: Japanese Drama and the Soga Literary Tradition, by Laurence R. Kominz. An examination of a tale of revenge from the 12th century that became both an important part of the oral literature of Japan and a source of material for Japan's great traditional theaters (Noh, Kabuki and puppet). $42.95. 277 pages.

They Came to Japan: An Anthology of European Reports on Japan, 1543-1640, edited by Michael Cooper. Part of the Center's reprint series, this book contains selections from the writings of more than 30 European merchants and missionaries who visited Japan during the century of contact with the West. It gives a detailed picture of 16th- and 17th- century Japan---its history, people, traditions, culture and religion. $18.95. 439 pages.

For ordering information, contact Carol Shannon, 108 Lane Hall, 998-7265.