The University Record, February 6, 1996

One-stop shopping is under way

The Record extends a big THANK YOU to the University units---among them Career Planning and Placement and the Information Technology Division---that have taken advantage of "one-stop shopping" by sending information on their events to UMlEvents.

UM Events is an online calendar maintained by the Campus Information Centers (CIC). The Record and CIC are collaborating to make available a comprehensive calendar of University community events.

Each week, the Record downloads UMlEvents and incorporates it into the Record Calendar. For a period of time, the Record will continue to accept items that are sent directly to the Record. After the transition period, all events for the Record Calendar must be entered in UMlEvents to be published.

To enter an event in UMlEvents, you must be an authorized sponsor. To become one, telnet to From the main menu, select the U of Michigan and Ann Arbor, then select UM Events, then sponsor registration menu. Print, fill out and return the sponsor authorization form to the Campus Information Centers, 1st floor, Michigan Union 1349, or fax it to 763-9556. There is no cost.

Units that want to have News Briefs (the short items at the tops of the pages) published on their events must still send that information to the Record via Campus Mail, via e-mail, or via fax to 764-7084.