The University Record, February 6, 1996

DPS recognizes officers, citizens and members of U community

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) recently recognized 14 members of DPS, members of the University community and citizens for aiding the University in preventing crime. The ceremony also recognized 19 officers and staff members for length of service and 49 for safe driving.

Lt. Gerald T. Bradshaw Jr. received the Director's Citation for putting out a fire, supervising the orderly evacuation of building residents and securing the crime scene following an arson in Ziwet House, Baits II. His actions contributed to two arrests.

Brian Kirby, a research assistant, received the Loss Prevention Award for reporting a fire in G.G. Brown. His actions prevented extensive damage to University property and possible personal injury to those in the building.

A Crime Prevention Award was presented to the Institute for Social Research Building. Watch program. The building watch has significantly reduced the number of reported larcenies and the dollar value of items stolen within the building.

Professional Excellence Awards were presented to Officer Michael D. Kelley, Sgt. Robert J. Soichet and Sgt. Paul Vaughan. Kelley received the citation for his help in recovering a fraudulently obtained violin. The violin had been delivered to a classroom in the Frieze Building and an alias had been used to order the violin. Kelley obtained the identity of the suspect and recovered the violin the same day.

Soichet and Vaughan investigated the arson in Baits II. They obtained a confession to the arson and linked the suspects to a murder and arson at an off-campus location.

Shana M. Biggs received the Citizen's Public Safety Award for saving the life of a 3-year-old child. The child stopped breathing after falling and striking her head. Boggs performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and revived the child.

Larry R. Proctor received an award for 25 years of law enforcement service with the University. Robert Leverett and John Oliver received awards for 20 years of service and Howard F. Frye received a 15-year citation.