The University Record, February 6, 1996

ECB and SAPAC seek writings on violence against women

From the Sexual Assault Prevention
and Awareness Center 

Although violence against women dates back to pre-historic times, it is only recently that society has begun to identify and challenge violence against women. In recent years, the University community has become increasingly involved in combating violence on campus in several ways.


The Michigan Agenda for Women calls for design and implementation of "a campuswide education program aimed at eliminating violence against women and discouraging behavior and activities that degrade women."


The Violence Against Women Task Force has a goal of "increasing the safety of all U-M women, on campus or at home, by creating a community free of all forms of violence against women."

While the University has taken great strides in educating the University community on these issues, the English Composition Board (ECB) and Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center (SAPAC) are encouraging the University community at large to take responsibility and join together to create a safe place for all women.

The ECB and SAPAC believe that writing and reading about people's experiences and views can help raise an awareness of the need to combat violence against women.

To this end, the two units are sponsoring a new publication titled Prism dedicated to survivors of violence. All types of writing are welcome, especially works that help us recognize the various insidious qualities of violence and to construct a society without it.

Manuscripts are due April 23 and should be sent to SAPAC, Room L107, Winchell Hall, 580 Kennedy Dr. For information, contact George Cooper, 764-8057, or send e-mail to