The University Record, February 13, 1996

LS&A faculty OK new admission requirements for year 2000

By Jane R. Elgass

Students applying for admission to LS&A for fall term 2000 will be required to meet new admissions criteria that put current practice into policy, according to Lincoln Faller, LS&A associate dean for undergraduate education.

Background information on the new requirements was provided by Faller at last week's LS&A faculty meeting, preceding a unanimous vote of approval.

Faller noted that the new requirements are clearer and will be easier to administer.

"The prior requirements were difficult to interpret," he said.

"There is no intention to raise the hurdle," he told faculty. "These pretty well match the credentials students already are bringing here."

Ted Spencer, director of undergraduate admissions, says that giving students and high schools four years' notice will enable the schools time to address curriculum priorities and students an opportunity to do some long -range planning for their coursework.

Spencer agrees with Faller that the new requirements are not likely to change the profile of incoming undergraduates. "Most coming have met these requirements," he says, adding the Admissions Office uses several factors to help determine predictability of a students success. "The more challenging the curriculum, the better the student's chances of being admitted."

Among the quantifiable criteria admissions counselors review are high school GPA, courses taken and class rank.

Spencer adds, however, the students will not be turned down on the basis of missing one of the LS&A requirements. "We'll look very hard at the GPA and test scores," and any other credentials the students may have that make them good prospects.