LS&A admission requirements; Effective fall term 2000

Students must complete a four-year program of at least 15 units of study (a total of 20 is strongly recommended). A unit of study is one high school year's work in a specific subject.

Of the 15 units, 14 are prescribed. In special cases the admissions director can make exceptions.

Minimum requirements with strong recommendations for additional study.

  • English: four units required.

  • Foreign languages: two units in a single language required; four are strongly recommended.

  • Mathematics: three units required; four strongly recommended, including algebra, trigonometry and geometry.

  • Biological and physical sciences: two units required, including one each of biology and physical science; three units strongly recommended, including one each of physics and chemistry. It is also strongly recommended that at least one unit be a laboratory course.

  • History and the social sciences: three units required: two units of history are recommended, including one unit of the history of the United States.

  • Electives: one unit of hands-on computer study strongly recommended, as is one unit in fine or performing arts or equivalent preparation.