The University Record, February 20, 1996

ITD dial-in customer use prompts installation of 300 more modems

By Jared Blank

The University's 24,500 modem dial-in subscribers recently have been hearing fewer busy signals, according to Andy Palms, product area manager of networking and sites. The Information Technology Division (ITD) added 150 modems in December and will add another 150 in March. There are currently 700 modems available for Ann Arbor dial-in subscribers.

Palms says that of the four dial-in phone numbers for Ann Arbor, only one is now plagued with busy signals. "People dial the phone number that is easiest to remember," Palms says. "Everyone remembers 998-1300, but if people would dial any of the other three numbers---213-7970, 213-3710 or 213-3720---they would have no problem connecting on their first attempt."

Those dialing in from out-state locations have had less luck, Palms says. ITD has begun adding 85 additional lines throughout the state to allow for easier access outside Ann Arbor. "The situation in Pontiac, Detroit and Dearborn is pretty poor right now," Palms notes. "But by the end of March, if not sooner, service will be much better in those areas as we add more lines.

"In addition to those three cities, Brighton, which currently has no dial-in access, will have its own line by the end of this month," he says.

Adds Palms, "We've been listening to our customers and doing our best to address their concerns. We've reached the point where we're getting more positive feedback than complaints."

ITD will send electronic mail to all subscribers to alert them to when new lines are added and running. Those with questions about dial-in service should address them to