The University Record, February 27, 1996

Medicare Part B reimbursement decreases

From the Benefits Office

 Following past practice, the University has adjusted the Medicare Part B reimbursement benefit to match changes in Medicare Part B premiums.

This year, the Medicare Part B reimbursement is $30.24 per month for those who retired Jan. 1, 1970, or later and $42.50 per month for those who retired before that date.

The 1995 reimbursements were $32.80 and $46.10, respectively.

The reimbursement amount is automatically deducted from checks for those who are receiving Social Security benefits.

Reimbursement checks are mailed four times a year---on the last working day of April, July, October and January. The reimbursements cover the prior three months of Medicare Part B coverage. The new rate will be reflected in April checks.

If you have questions or want additional information, call the Benefits Office, 763-1214 (Central), or 764-6584 (Medical Campus).