The University Record, January 30, 1996

Two new ways to get payroll information

The Payroll Office has implemented a voice response system that can be reached by dialing 764-8253. The voice response system can (in most cases) tell you your net pay from the most recent payroll that was run and contained your information. Late information from your department could change or cancel the amount stated by the voice response system.

You also may order payroll forms, for yourself or your department, by calling the voice response system. Please note that Forms 1040 and the various IRS tax schedules are not available.

The Payroll Office also has instituted a page on the World Wide Web. The Payroll Page can be accessed via the U of M Home Page or directly at Various types of information are available on the Payroll Page, including payroll cutoffs and paydates, descriptions of the various sections of the Payroll Office and the phone numbers for staff, how to order forms for yourself or your department, tax calculation information and a way to provide feedback on the design of the Payroll Page.