The University Record, July 9, 1996

OVPR announces promotions for 23 primary research faculty

Frederick C. Neidhardt, acting vice president for research, has announced 23 promotions for primary research faculty, effective Sept. 1.

"The dossiers supporting the 23 promotions of Primary Research faculty this year provide sound evidence of the valuable role of these individuals in the research mission of the University," noted Neidhardt in announcing the new titles.

The following 10 U-M researchers will hold the title of assistant research scientist:

Darren DeZeewu, Space Physics Research Lab; Hristo Angelo Hristov, Materials Science & Engineering; Ramachandran Chandrasekharan, College of Pharmacy; Vinod Labhasetwar, College of Pharmacy; Rajan P. Nair, Dermatology; Jia Hau Xiao, Dermatology; Ahmed A.K. Hasan, Internal Medicine; Toku Takahashi, Internal Medicine; Konstantin I. Rusin, Physiology; and James T. Fitzgerald, Postgraduate Medicine & Health Professions Education.

Seven U-M researchers have been named associate research scientist. They are: Mark Burrage, Space Physics Research Lab, Atmopspheric, Oceanic and Space Science; Craig Dobson, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science; Richard Niciejewski, Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences; Sun-Wei Guo, School of Public Health; Shin Ying Lee, Center for Human Growth & Development; J. Wayne Aldridge, Neurology; and Audrey F. Seasholtz, Mental Health Research Institute.

Six U-M researchers will hold the title of research scientist. They are: Chinya Ravishankar, Information Technology Division; Philip C. Andrews, Biological Chemistry; David C. Musch, Ophthalmology; Michael W. Long, Pediatrics & Communicable Diseases; Stephen K. Fisher, Mental Health Research Institute; and George A. Fulton, Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations.