The University Record, July 9, 1996

U-M Computer Repair Service Center scheduled to close in August

From the Information Technology Division

The Computer Service and Repair Center (CSRC), run by the Information Technology Division (ITD) in the Argus Building, will close later this summer. The Center has provided computer repairs for University faculty, staff, students and departments for the past eight years.

CSRC was set up to be a cost-recovery unit of ITD, but it has operated at a deficit in recent years. Although remedial actions have been taken, losses were still projected for the coming fiscal year, according to Jim Sullivan, CSRC manager.

"Closing the CSRC was a tough decision to make," he says, "but we've concluded that it is the most financially prudent course to take."

Sullivan is working with Purchasing and M-Stores and the computer sales program to establish a preferred vendor relationship with one or more computer repair companies by Aug. 15.

"Our goal is to be able to recommend high quality, timely and reasonably priced service alternatives for departmental and personal machines," Sullivan says. "CSRC is expected to be here until new service arrangements have been made."

Aug. 15 is expected to be the last day to bring in equipment to CSRC for repair. All equipment accepted for repair before that date will be completed as long as parts can be ordered and received by Aug. 23.

CSRC will strive to complete repairs within 48 hours of receiving the equipment. However, the average time required to repair an item may increase as CSRC staff begin to move into new positions.

As arrangements are finalized, the CSRC will notify the University community through the Information Technology Digest and the ITD website,

If you have recommendations about the new service, send e-mail to Sullivan at by the end of the week.