The University Record, July 9, 1996

Benefits Office organizes teams

In June the Benefits Office reorganized its benefits representatives and other staff into four teams to improve customer service to faculty, staff and graduate students. Teams are organized by job famlies. For faster service, call your job family team directly and follow up each question with that team.

The teams, members and telephone numbers are:


Faculty and graduate students: 763-1214, option 2 on the menu. Team members are Darleen Boynton, Suzanne Giddings, Judy Monaghan and Laura Schmidt.


Flex employees (non-bargained-for staff): 763-1214, option 4 on the menu. Team members are Wendy Canfield, Sharon Huetteman, Carol Odeleye and Lynda Urquhart.


Nonflex employees (bargained-for staff, retirees, research fellows and house officers): 763-1214, option 3 on the menu. Team members are Susan Hagerman, Anne Hunt, Monica Tyler and Linda Walton.


Medical Center faculty and staff: 764-6584. Team members are Grant Medich, Chris Miller, Donna Sinila and Gail Walters.