The University Record, July 9, 1996

ABPAFS recognizes four U-M staff

Four University employees were honored at the U-M Association of Black Professionals, Administrators, Faculty and Staff (ABPAFS) 11th Anniversary Awards Program held June 26.

Dwight L. Fontenot, assistant director of the Comprehensive Studies Program, received the Outstanding Public Service award for "unselfish dedication in enhancing the quality of life" for the community.

Willis C. Patterson, associate dean in the School of Music, received the Career Service Award for his "consistent record of dedication and support in enhancing the academic and university environment."

Archie Andrews, associate director of student housing, and Joann D. Sims, assistant manager in Financial Operations, received the Charles D. Moody Higher Achievement Award for "consistent demonstration of sound reasoning, competence, intelligence, courage and/or excellent skills that may have resulted in the promotion, improvement in the work environment, self, and others."

Nathan Norman, manager of building services, delivered the keynote address on embracing change in the workplace.

Photo by Bob Kalmbach

"The year 2000 will mean more than just a change from one year to another, it is a symbol of what is to come," he said. "Change is the characteristic that we must take with us into the 21st century. This is the mission: how we deal with change."

Norman said that people who successfully face change must look inward to find their perspective and priorities. "Our perspective reflects our attitudes. Is our glass half full or half empty? We need to have a positive attitude. Priorities allow us to avoid distractions and focus on activities that most directly help achieve personal and professional goals. It is imperative that we establish our priorities and purpose."

ABPAFS also recognized all African American faculty and staff who received promotions within the past year.