The University Record, June 11, 1996

Senate Assembly approves diversity statement,
office evaluations

By Jared Blank

Senate Assembly quickly moved through the agenda at its May 20 meeting, passing each item with little discussion.

The Assembly approved the creation of a committee which will select "outstanding national or international lecturers on the general topic of academic and intellectual freedom" for the Davis-Markert-Nickerson Lecture. Since 1991, the annual lectures have been co-sponsored by the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs (SACUA) and Senate Assembly, by the Academic Freedom Lecture Fund, and by the Ann Arbor chapter of the American Association of University Professors.

Assembly members passed the following revised version of the Senate Assembly Statement on Diversity:

"Senate Assembly believes that the University must be open to, and provide a supportive environment for, all qualified persons without regard to characteristics such as age, color, creed, cultural background, gender, national origin, physical disability, race, religious affiliation or sexual orientation. Senate Assembly urges the faculty of the University of Michigan to commit themselves to removing the barriers that traditionally have been encountered by individuals from underrepresented groups, to accepting such individuals as full and respected members of the academic community, and to enabling them to progress, thrive and succeed in their profession. Thus, Senate Assembly invites all to join enthusiastically with it in this effort."

Louis D'Alecy, SACUA and Senate Assembly vice chair, presented a proposal that SACUA appoint a committee that will evaluate not only deans and executive officers, but also their offices. SACUA and Senate Assembly Chair Thomas Dunn called the proposal "a time-saving measure." The assembly passed the measure with no discussion.

Members also approved Senate Assembly Committee appointments for 1996­97. The list of committee members is available from the Senate Assembly office, 764-0303.