The University Record, June 11, 1996

U-M Flint volunteers honored for service to Humane Society

University of Michigan-Flint Martin Luther King Day volunteers at the Genesee County Humane Society earned the University the "Service to the Humane Society Award" at the 11th Annual Humane Society Recognition Banquet.

"I was very pleased with the enthusiasm of the volunteers," Humane Society Executive Director Mary Lee Michael says. "They came in and cleaned cages, bathed and walked dogs, worked at the surrender desk, and drove with cruelty officers. The volunteers were not a bit afraid to get in and get their hands dirty. They even bought everyone lunch. They truly set a wonderful example of volunteerism."

Dick Wise, student services administrative assistant and one of the 13 U-M-Flint Humane Society volunteers says, "I think the way you treat all living things, including homeless animals, is important. It helps you conduct your own life better."

Wise continues to stop once a week at the Humane Society to drop off newspapers and to pet the animals.