The University Record, June 11, 1996

Remember to dial 647 from off-campus sites

From the Information Technology Division

All campus telephone numbers with the 747 exchange were recently changed to a 647 exchange. Presently, callers can successfully dial into the old 747 exchange number using either the 747 or 647 exchange. On Nov. 30 when the 747-xxxx numbers stop working, however, callers must dial the correct exchange.

On June 1 and June 8, voice mail conversions occurred for all 747 phone numbers. Individuals with the 747 exchange now must enter 647-xxxx to retrieve their messages instead of 747-xxxx when dialing from a remote site.

"We scheduled the conversions to take place over successive weekends to make sure there was little, if any, disruption of voice mail service," says Telecommunications Supervisor Callie Jerant.

Voice mail users do not need to do anything. Passwords have not changed. Anyone who experiences problems caused by this conversion should contact the phone repair number, 763-9138.

Some people with the old 747 exchange number were recently advised that they needed to change their own listing in the U-M X.500 directory. Although ITD automatically changed 747 campus telephone numbers in the source data for everyone that it could, some numbers could not be changed by the automatic process. Faculty, staff and students who selected the directory option that prevents others from changing the listing must correct their own X.500 listing. Fax numbers also were not changed in the directory.