The University Record, June 11, 1996


Note: On Ramp Is a listing of new World Wide Web sites. This feature appears semi-regularly in The Record. See bottom of this article for more information.


The Bentley Historical Library has created a WorldWide Web page displaying a comprehensive history of U-M athletes and alumni who have participated in the Modern Olympics from 1900 to those who have qualified for the 1996 Games in Atlanta. With text, images and statistics, the page has a mountain of information and facts.


The National Election Studies (NES) at the U-M has put their NES Guide to Public Opinion and Electoral Behavior on the WorldWide Web. The guide provides access to tables and graphs that display public opinion and electoral behavior over the past 50 years.


Susan Alcock, assistant professor of classical archaeology, has been instrumental in putting a book-size report of an archaeological project on the World-Wide Web.


The U-M Computer Showcase's Web page features information on new products, loan programs, eligibility, software and supplies, buyer's guides, and more.