The University Record, June 25, 1996

Kirkpatrick, Walton, White to hold named professorships

At their June meeting, the Regents approved three faculty as named professors. They are:

Diane M. Kirkpatrick, professor of history of art and interim director of the Institute for the Humanities, also will hold the Mary Fair Croushore Professorship of Humanities.

The appointment to the professorship, for a one-year term beginning July 1, was approved by the Regents.

Kirkpatrick, who joined the faculty in 1969, is "a distinguished scholar of 20th century art, including photography, cinema and electronic and technological media," said Edie N. Goldenberg, dean of the College of Literature, Science, and the Art (LS&A). "She has made many invaluable contributions to the College and to the University through her service as director of the Program in Film and Video Studies, chair of the Department of History of Art, and membership on the LS&A Executive Committee."

Kendall L. Walton, professor of philosophy, will hold the James B. and Grace J. Nelson Professorship of Philosophy.

His appointment to the professorship, for a five-year term beginning July 1, was approved by the Regents.

"Prof. Walton has written extensively on pictorial representation, metaphor, photography, music and aesthetic value," Goldenberg said. "His Mimesis as Make-Believe: Foundations of the Representational Arts has rapidly gained wide recognition for its subtle and detailed development of an innovative and powerful theory of the representational arts. It has been highly influential in academic and professional art communities, as well as in philosophical aesthetics.

"Prof. Walton's work is resourceful, unfailingly clear, and honest. These same attributes accompany his teaching at all levels."

James J. White, the Robert A. Sullivan Professor of Law, also will hold the Louis and Myrtle Moskowitz Research Professorship in Business and Law.

His appointment, for a one-year term beginning Sept. 1, was approved by the Regents. The Moskowitz professorship is held by a faculty member from the Business School and from the Law School on a rotating basis.

"Prof. White is among the most prolific and respected commercial law scholars in the United States," said Jeffrey S. Lehman, dean of the Law School, and B. Joseph White, dean of the Business School. "Just since 1990, he has authored or co-authored 10 volumes of treatises and casebooks in bankruptcy, banking law, commercial law and the Uniform Commercial Code. His Handbook of the Law Under the Uniform Commercial Code, now in its third edition, has been used and cited by hundreds of courts and tens of thousands of lawyers and students here and abroad."