The University Record, June 25, 1996

U-M establishes Erb Environmental Management Institute

The U-M will establish the Frederick A. and Barbara M. Erb Environmental Management Institute to "focus the capabilities and resources of the University to create and support high-quality teaching and research in the field of environmental management."

The Erb Institute is made possible by a financial commitment of $5 million from Frederick A. and Barbara M. Erb. Frederick Erb is a Detroit area businessman and alumnus of the Business School. While the Institute will be funded primarily by this endowment gift support, it will draw on University resources as well.

The Institute will be a jointly administered unit of the School of Business Administration and the School of Natural Resources and Environment.

"The Institute will attract and focus exceptional human talents and skills for the general purpose of understanding the roles and relationships among businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations as these interact and affect the environment in its many forms," said B. Joseph White, dean of the Business School, and Paul W. Webb, interim dean of the School of Natural Resources and Environment. "The Institute will provide a highly visible setting and effective means to define, resolve, and seize complex and important environmental challenges and opportunities."